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Hydronic undefloor heating all the rage in Perth, Australia Hydronic underfloor heating is pretty well known in Europe and America, but a relative newcomer to Australia. And it´s warm and sunny city of Perth, especially. In Australia, in Perth, people still often use air conditioning to heat their homes in winter... but don´t realise that the hot air rises to the ceiling, the cold stays down... and instead of keeping warm themselves, they mainly keep warm the ceiling. Hydronic floor heating is the natural way to heat your home: Just like it´s much more comfortable to stand on warm sand on a beach (instead of standing on cold stones and have hot air blown at you), hydronic underfloor heating is being installed in more and more homes in Australia too. Not every installer however understands the physics behind efficient hydronic heating and that´s why HVAC & floor heating experts at Euroheat Australia have written a free guide for architects, builders and people interested in hydronic underfloor heating (in Australia also called inslab heating, floor heating or slab heating) with the title “5 common mistakes that will make your floor heating system useless and impossible to repair” for download at And there is another twist to it, making the installation of hydronic underfloor heating even more efficient than any other heating system. As Phil Pacak of Euroheat Australia explains: “You know when an air-conditioning system is on, it is blowing cold air inside… but the outside part is blowing out hot air? Well that’s like throwing money away. Because you can actually collect this warmth and heat up things up like your tap hot water with it. So what we do is we design and install smart heating and cooling systems that automatically heat or cool the house to the temperature you want… with things like floor heating, aircon, ventilation, and heat pumps. And we combine them in such a way that just about all the energy you paid for is used and none is blown away.“ The way to cut energy bills and keep your home naturally warm in Australia (and anywhere else) is therefore not only to install hydronic underfloor heating, but also set it up with all the other heating and cooling machines (or replace them with just one) that will prevent the excess/reject heat or chill being blown out into their air... but to „collect“ it and reuse it again. As Phil says: „By doing this, we can cut your energy bills in half, because the secret of our work is that we reuse the excess heat and chill produced by your standard heating and cooling machines… just as if you were able to reuse the exhaust fumes from your car.