Wentzell Emanuel

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Does anyone really stop to discover the names of their producers, the people in the back room coming up with all of our favorite beats to our favorite songs? Next song comes on, now you hear a truly nice piano melody, next to some chimes, and lastly, the beat starts to come together as the bass kicks in and now you're listening to the hook of the tune. OK we get it, hip hop beats are crucial, but why should artists pay for them when they could find complimentary beats almost everywhere online? Well, a lot of individuals do not think that way, they still continue to blow up producers inboxes with messages like "hook it up with some totally free beats", or "let's collab" which is just a nicer way to say I do not desire to pay you for your hip hop beats. Well, you would have been if you owned the rights to the beat that you tape-recorded on, however you didn't pay for it, suggesting that your tune and all the money you have made off of it in fact belongs to the producer who's beat you took in the first location.