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The Instant Pot Is Not Your Grandma's Pressure Cooker! As people tighten their budgets, one of the easiest ways to cut back is to stop eating out at the local fast food restaurants. Years ago the food at those places was at least reasonably priced but now, it can cost twice as much to eat there as cooking at home. But once a family has decided to cook at home more often, there comes the problem of having the time. That's one of the reasons the Instant Pot has taken the world by storm. It can cook great tasting food with easy, quick preparation, and it is automated with a built-in timer. Most recipes merely need to be loaded into the machine, a few buttons pushed, and 20-30 minutes later, you're sitting at the table with a healthy, low-cost, meal. There are millions of great recipes available online that show how easy cooking in an instant pot is and how it's different than your grandma's pressure cooker. Sure, It's A Pressure Cooker, And A Whole Lot More Those old manual pressure cookers that sat on a burner of the stove were great for canning fruits and vegetables. They needed constant attention, however, to maintain the cooking temperature and pressure at an optimal level. They also lacked a timer, a sauté function, a keep warm mode, a slow cooker mode, and automatic temperature monitoring. The modern Instant Pot is considered to be a multi-cooker rather than just a pressure cooker. It's really not made for canning fruits and vegetables, it's for making the evening meal at high speed when you are on a short schedule. The sauté mode is for browning the meat before you get started. It makes it so you don't have to use a separate pan. It also helps keep the meat juices that are so important for flavoring in your recipe and not in another pan. Then, since you've sautéed your meat and onions, you can almost always immediately throw in all of the remaining ingredients at once. You'll hit a few buttons, lock on the lid, and the machine does the rest on auto-pilot. When it's done it will sound and alert and automatically switch into the "warm" mode. Even if you're busy with other chores, your food will be maintained in perfect condition until you're ready. It really is that easy and convenient, perfect for the family on the go. Healthy Eating in a Pinch The real reason so many busy households have been switching to Instant Pot cooking is that the food that it can create is very healthy. You don't have to add extra fats, sugars, or synthetic ingredients at all. You can shop in the produce, meat, and bulk food aisle of your local grocery store and avoid the overly processed, high salt, high fat, chemical laden center aisles of the store. Not only are the center aisles bad for you, they're bad for your budget as well. If you haven't tried some food cooked in a pressure cooker, you're in for a surprise. The meat comes out fall-off-the-bone tender, the rest of the ingredients are more flavorful because they are cooked under pressure in the juices of the meat. With only pure ingredients added, you'll only get the purest and healthiest food on your table.