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Carbohydrate is the default option fuel source for your body. |} {During digestion, carbohydrates are {first |}broken down into sugars and then absorbed into the {bloodstream|blood}, forming blood {sugar|glucose} or {glucose|sugar}. |} {High|Elevated} levels of blood {sugar|glucose} make your body release the hormone insulin {that|which} helps glucose enter the cells of {your|the human} body, {including|such as} {pushing|shoving} extra calories {into|to} your {fat|own fat} {tissues|cells} for storage. Decreasing {carb intake lowers|carbohydrate intake reduces} {insulin|glucose} levels, which {allows|enables} {your|the} body to burn stored fat for energy, {ultimately|finally} {leading to|resulting in} weight {loss|reduction}. {

Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Diet: Is One Better for Weight Loss?