Ruben Dematteo

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

By now you have heard of rapamycin, the drug that was purified from bacteria found on Easter Island and that has been proven to extend the lifespan of all mammals studied so far. What is really exciting is that early studies show that the benefits of rapamycin extending the lifespan of dogs can occur even when dogs are started on the drug late in life. In other words, you don’t have to start a dog on rapamycin early in their life to help your dog’s lifespan – rapamycin appears to benefit older dogs just as much as those who had been started earlier in their lives. Studies performed at the University of Washington have shown that rapamycin is safe for use in dogs when given 3x daily for up to 60 days. The most intriguing part of the study was the fact that, while dogs were on rapamycin therapy, their heart function actually improved—and the worse the heart disease present, the more they improved!! This is great evidence for the fact that rapamycin for dogs may not only increase lifespan, but also help to reverse some of the negative effects of aging in our loved family dogs. In addition to improving cardiac function, another benefit of rapamycin in dogs is its “anti-cancer” effect. It has been proven effective against a variety of cancers in humans, and if we extrapolate to our loved family dogs there is the potential that it can not only fight cancer, but perhaps even head cancer off at the pass. It’s a great time to be a dog!! There are ongoing studies on the use of rapamycin in dogs with bone cancer, which is one of the most fatal (and unfortunately common) forms of cancer in large breed dogs like Great Danes or Rottweilers. There are ongoing studies in both humans and in dogs to determine the optimal dosage of rapamycin for extending both lifespan and healthspan, but we are already beginning to use rapamycin for dogs in an effort to help them live longer… and healthier.

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