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Anyone who knows Florida knows we have crazy weather, what with the hurricanes, tropical storms and all. This makes quality, thorough new home inspection from a reputable home inspection company a crucial part of building a new home. I recently bought a property in Florida due to the desirable location and low taxes. I demolished the old, dated house that was originally on the property. I had a new colonial style home custom built but wanted to make sure it was perfectly built to safety code and was prepared for wind mitigation. I did not know who was the best home inspector in Palm Beach, FL. When I spoke to my home builder he recommended Palm Beach Home Inspections, LLC and I am grateful. It was a professional experience and expert home inspection was part of our home building process as a result. My wife and I could not bear the high cost of living on the west coast any longer. We were also leery of continuing to raise our kids in the midst of increasing public safety and public health risks. We moved to beautiful Florida because it was the most similar in terms of sunny weather but the complete opposite in terms of taxation and regulation. However, one regulatory mechanism that we know the importance of is home inspection and property inspection. We came from the earthquake zone and were entering the hurricane zone so we understand the importance of safety regulations when building in order to protect our family and our new home. Our new neighbors told us Palm Beach Home Inspections, LLC provided the best 4 point inspection in Palm Beach, FL to make sure roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC were all up to code and safe from tropical storms.

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