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ENERCAN Toughness Management, a division of 373948 Ontario Inc. (ENERCAN) was shaped in 2006 beneath the Group Companies Act as a result of a acknowledged will require for Improved distribution remedies, to complete use shoppers (subdivisions and multi-tenant) and forthcoming alterations towards the electrical power market ensuing from deregulation. ENERCAN has essentially been granted its Federal certification, and is classed just like a Profits Billing Contractor, (RBC), certification # 90080. This certification permits ENERCAN to function underneath the strategies Along with the Federal Energy and Fuel Inspection Act and Polices, ruled by Measurement Canada. The Ontario Electrical energy Board (OEB) has issued ENERCAN a sensible Sub Metering License #ES-2007-0924. ENERCAN presents skilled providers fewer than The present processes and laws enforced in the OEB. ENERCAN has recognized the necessity for Improved distribution answers for Multi-tenant Business enterprise, Condominium Businesses, new housing developments and present personalized distribution networks as a really worth-bundled provider which the earlier LDCs have not far too long ago discontinued, or just where the LDCs have desired considerable up-grades for being a issue of ongoing support. ENERCAN also operates its organization all through the tolerances while in the crucial Tenant Stability Act, Condo Company Features and Laws, and Purchaser and firm Affairs polices (now Purchaser Security Act) as essential.

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