Nelia Nurse

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

What is Organic Traffic and why you need it? Organic Traffic is when people search targeted keywords through Google or any other search engine. For example you need to find a website that could help your website get more visitors so you could search on Google (or any other major search engine) by keyword “How to get more visitors”. When you click on any of the appeared results – that’s what Organic Traffic is. That’s all of the visitors that comes to your website from search engines by some of the keywords that you target. Okay now but if you don’t have any of those visitors, organic traffic? Well thats the time you should optimize your website for your main wanted targeted keywords. So for example if you are selling women clothes you would want to target this keyword: „Womens Clothes“, right? But this keyword has huge competition and getting visitors by these keywords is REALLY HARD, it would cost you a lot. We would recommend to make longer keywords, making them more targeted. For example „Brand Women Clothes in NYC“. This keyword visitors will only be interested in New York city shops that sell some kind of brand women clothes, – and thats is really great for you. Or you could just buy organic traffic visitors. It‘s a faster, easier way to buy organic traffic because optimizing your website for organic traffic takes a lot of time (months or even years) and its not really an easy job to do by getting results. So why you should buy organic traffic? Well you get this benefits: First of all organic website traffic is one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods. This helps you to increase your website popularity (SERP) by getting more conversions when your on TOP of major search engines pages. Second of all you get huge amount of keywords targeted visitors that may be interested in your services, products and etc. These visitors are also tracked by search engines and Alexa. Thats why its a great way to improve Alexa ranking and get increase website ranking along the way. Last but not least – it is SAFE and not that expensive. So why not, right?