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Need To Replace Your Power Steering Rack And Pinion Seals? Today’s cars contain way too many parts. It was hard enough when you needed to pull out and replace a few spark plugs or a distributor cap, but modern cars now have just about everything computerized. Fortunately, there are still a few simple tasks the everyday mechanic can do themselves. Simple oil changes, windshield wiper replacements and the like are all something most of us can do. It’s also not very difficult to replace your power steering seals if you buy the right kit and have some idea of what the task will take. However, sometimes a full system replacement may be needed, in which case you will need to see a professional. Of courses, it never hurts to call a friend as well. Rack and Pinion Steering Let discuss the two different parts found in our car’s power steering system. • The rack is a type of metal bar which is placed in between the front wheels of the vehicles. It connects both front wheels with one another. • A pinion is a type of gear which is connected to the metal bar called the rack. Whenever the driver turns the steering wheel, the car will turn in the direction that the steering wheel is moved. This keeps everything aligned properly and on track so that you don’t crash. Power Steering Seals and How They Break In Your Rack and Pinion System There are many reasons why the power steering seal of your car’s rack and pinion can break. Here are a few of the main reasons that we are aware of. 1. A seal breakage can take place if any hoses or tube starts leaking. These hoses and pipes leak because of the pressure created in them. 2. There are O shaped rubber substances placed in between joints of the power steering system if anyone of those rubber breaks. Then this can lead to leakage. 3. As the pinion is connected with the rack, there’s also a rubber segment in between that joint between rack and pinion. If that rubber breaks, then this would also lead to seal breakage and then leakage. How to Know if it’s time for a Power Steering Rack and Pinion Seal Rebuild If you want to determine if your car’s power steering rack and pinion seal is broken, there are two things you will want to notice. 1. First, you can check for seal leakage by seeing if any oil is discharging and falling through your car. If there’s an oil mark down the side or below your vehicle, then your car’s rack and pinion could be the one thing that is leaking. 2. The other thing to notice while driving your vehicle is if you feel roughness in your car’s steering and it feels hard to handle the direction you want it to travel. Power Steering Seal Repair and Cost This point is all about your car’s power steering rack and pinion seal rebuild. Forgetting to fix a leaking rack and pinion and seal replacement can be dangerous. It’s best to do a complete frame and pinion system repair and replacement when needed. However, these types of seal replacements can be costly. The cost of the power steering rack and pinion seal rebuild can go as high as one thousand dollars or more. It’s best to get a few qualified quotes before moving forward.