Synthia Tressa

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Maxim's first actions in the company world were marked with obstacles because of his origins. His foreign look, together with his strong accent in the time along with the lack of training in the financial sector, meant he was initially rejected by the top financial services provider MLP Finanzberatung SE after the evaluation center due to the stereotyped character of his appearance. As a reaction to this rejection, Maxim didn't stop trying. He presented himself self-confidently with his skills and waived any salary. He went into progress with determination and diligence. He didn't only became one of their consultants, he was also given an excellent opportunity. Because of his performance, he was given the position of Managing Director. Before the start of this fantastic opportunity, however, there was an extreme blow of fate. Maxim suffered three broken bones in a severe car accident and again he was confronted with the important decision: to keep his stay in hospital and also to refuse the likelihood of progress or to maintain his results in the highest level so as to finally master his career jump. In the end of 2001 he had attained his target with his tremendous willpower and was among the youngest branch managers of MLP Finanzberatung SE. Despite debts Maxim continues to struggle for his intentions Instead of resting on his laurels in this leadership position, Maxim continued to present his best. The Berlin office, where he took up his administration position in 2001, had a heavy debt burden at the beginning of his career, which didn't deter him in his decision. To the contrary, he accepted the challenge of improving the outcome of the office and carrying it to a brand new financial degree. Maxim receives assistance from his household Only three decades after, Maxim's adjustments bore fruit along with his office became the organization's most profitable. At the point he had a family who denied many primary conveniences and wants to support their father here. As the best Managing Director of the company, Maxim was awarded eight occasions By 2005 to 2017. The systematic success didn't stop and at 40 he had everything he could desire. But he was driven by his own inner passion to grow and develop and he's an entrepreneur and investor in a number of jobs today. He is currently managing a project that is setting new standards in the FINTECH industry.

Maxim Bederov MLP