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HOW TO STORE CANNABIS PROPERLY. Is cannabis your medication? With legalization in Canada we have contacted all the big players in storing cannabis properly, we've compiled so much information regarding the proper relative humidity to keep your cannabis fresh. After weeks and months of researching and testing we now have a clear understanding of what is the proper storage for your cannabis. Now most of us who have been experienced in cannabis consumption stored our cannabis in the fridge in a plastic bag or stashed somewhere out of sight. Other place their cannabis in a Mason jar hidden away only to come out when the coast was clear. 2019 has brought a whole new aspect of cannabis use. With legalization let’s break the concept of cannabis being bad or wrong to use. Some of the best ways store your cannabis is in a Mason jar under the right relative humidity level. Therefore with the information we have gathered 62% relative humidity is the happy medium for which cannabis should be stored. This protects the flower cannabinoids and terpenes to remain on the flower enhancing the flavour and potency of the flower until enjoyment. Now let's take glass jars or tins that are stored with the proper humidity level and place them into a beautiful humidor on the bar just as you would with your premium spirits. We have sourced some humidors from a company called you UCANA, it's a sister company of a humidor manufacturer that has been around for 20 years Cigar Star. Based in Ontario Canada! Cigar Star has been manufacturing humidors since 2001 with outstanding quality and unique designs. Legalization of cannabis came in October 2018; they decided to take their knowledge of cigar humidor and transform their amazing craftsmanship and specifically manufactured humidors for cannabis storage. Working with Boveda the global leader in two-way humidity control Cigar Star “UCANA” Developed a functional and unique looking humidor with glass jars inside to store your weed. The DeNiro Humidor Today they have launched their newest line up of cannabis humidors. They have turned the ordinary into an extraordinary way to store your cannabis. These cannabis humidors with “Bud coffins” These bud coffins are uniquely designed using Spanish Cedar or mahogany have an acrylic sliding lid so you can observe your buds while in storage. the bovid a 62% 67-gram packet is the perfect way to regulate the ideal humidity inside your cannabis humidor. Illuminating the glass jars in creating the Bud coffins was a perfect way to maintain perfect 62% humidity. Spanish Cedar and mahogany are both woods that are known to absorb moisture to maintain the relative humidity desired. these Bud coffins are outstanding way to store your bud. We had some bone dry weed that would turn into dust if we squeezed it, that was sitting in jars. This was the perfect way to see if these new bud coffins really worked. Taking the dry herb placing them inside a bud coffin after seasoning it with distilled water, included the Boveda 62% inside the humidor, then waited…… After two days we opened the humidor and to our disbelief these buds were soft to the touch and you could squeeze the bud without it turning to dust. We place this nugget into our grinder and it produced the best rollable cannabis, it was as if it was fresh, it burned evenly, it was smooth where before when it was bone dry it was harsh to smoke and caused coughing fits while consuming . After this we were believers in the method of storing our herbs. UCANA Humidors are amazing for cannabis storage. Did we mention the next best thing? These humidors also come with pull out drawer to store your rolling papers, pipes and grinders. The model we tested was made from and Exquisite Walnut burl which looked amazing on the bar. When friends come over, I unlock it, open it, friends are mesmerised by my cannabis storage option. Classy and functional, is our #1 pick for storing your cannabis.

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