Jannette Sumler

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PERSONALISED BOOKS STARRING YOUR CHILD! Little Book Stars is a small independent growing business that specialises in bespoke personalised children’s books. Each of our Little Book Stars books feature your child's photo placed as the character in the book as well as their name, age and personalised message meaning that they can be the shining star in their very own storybook! With Little Book Stars, your child becomes the star of their very own book! Reading is fun, but being the star of their very own personalised book offers a higher level of engagement for children. We specialise in beautifully personalised books featuring your child’s name in the storyline and image in the illustrations. Every book is unique, with a dedicated artist to customize each book with your child’s image, skin tone, name and personal message. We invite you to experience our Tickle Monster personalised book. A fun adventure of lovable monster characters alongside your child at the centre of the action!

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