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Doge Botanicals, LLC offers CBD oil for dogs and other pets. These THC-free blends offer relief to your pet from anxiety, pain, as well as providing daily wellness benefits. When purchasing from Doge Botanicals, you’re guaranteed a domestic Colorado-Grown, non-GMO product with no pesticides that’s also independently, third-party lab tested. With the most advanced extraction processes, Doge Botanicals provides solventless CBD that serves as the heart of premium health and wellness products. They work with cGMP and kosher certified facilities that deliver the highest quality CBD. The company was started by a married couple in Colorado who has 3 dogs. The family consists of 2 older Pomeranians and a young Shiba-Inu named Grizz-Lee. After the dogs were given two daily doses of the CBD Oil tincture from the wholesale distributor, America’s Finest CBD, and receiving truly life-changing results, they decided to spread the word and sell the products the rest of the country who may not have access to such purely extracted CBD tincture oils. While Doge Botanicals is new to the industry, they strive to offer CBD tincture that is extracted the purest most innovative way. Our CBD tincture is human grade as we believe our best pets deserve the best products.