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You Said US$200 of bags is Authentic chanel bags. Sound the alarms! Chanel is one of the most requested replica reviews I am consistently asked on my blog to provide by blog readers. However since I had a couple of good Chanel replicas I purchased years ago (in a caviar jumbo double flap in black, a beige lambskin double flap, a Le Boy, a WOC, and a GST) I put off buying any new Chanel bags. I will do a rep collection post soon showing how all my Chanel replica bags have held up over the years, and which I would recommend the most based on my personal usage. However this post will focus on a bag I recently fell for – the Chanel Reissue bag – which I think it is very stunning and sublime. So my “want” itched for a while before I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the bag. Now if you have ever shopped for Chanel you know it is an expensive brand to purchase any bag from. Even the replica versions of their bags are pricey as heck (that is if you are going for top quality, which I always do). Now the bag was not cheap – even for a replica. It was $815 with free shipping. However considering the authentic is $6000 USD, you could say it can still be considered a “steal” considering the amazing quality. Their classic flap bags are less pricey around the $500 range, but the reissue bag was a bit more pricey. I purchased it from top rated 1:1 replica sellers Purse Valley. BAG GRADE: 9.9 OUT OF 10 Now since it has been a couple of years since I had purchased a Chanel replica I wasn’t sure how much the quality on the market had improved/worsened. When I received this bag and unpackaged it I realized the quality has gone up quite a bit. The bag shows like an authentic in almost every perspective one can judge it in. I will be doing a fake vs. authentic comparison to nail home how good the quality of the bag is (everything from the leather, to the stitching on the quilting, to the hardware weight). I would rate the bag a 9.9 out of 10 – as I’ve mentioned before I don’t give replicas a 10 out of 10 ever because in my opinion the fact that it is a replica in itself results in a 0.1 grade deduction. STITCHING COUNT & QUALITY: When purchasing a Chanel bag one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the stitch count on each individual quilt. A good replica should have a high stitch count of at least 8 stitches in each diamond quilt. Anything less than this and you have a subpar replica on your hands (unless of course the bag you are looking at is the large stitch models which purposefully have less stitches per quilt). HARDWARE & LEATHER QUALITY: Another part of the bag you should pay attention to is the leather quality (which is important for all brands not just Chanel), and the hardware. The hardware on the bag I received is nice and heavy. The detailing on the hardware is also quite intricate matching the minute details and designs on the metal of the original chain on the authentic version of the bag. The leather on an authentic Chanel reissue bag is aged calfksin which gives it a sort of “elephant skin look” as I hear many people describe. The bag I received has beautiful soft leather that perfectly matches the quality of the original. GENERAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: The bag has a double flap (which literally means it has two flaps), and a red leather interior. There is a sewn CC logo on the interior of the second flap, and right beneath it you will find a stamp in silver (which matches the hardware color) of the Chanel logo as well as the production country. As with any replica, if you look to the details and find high levels of accuracy, you will be able to gage how good of a replica bag you have on your hands. THE BOTTOM LINE: THIS BAG IS A GREAT REPLICA! Overall I am completely happy with this bag. The only flaw I can point out is the lack of a serial number, however that is not a detail I personally care, so I don’t give it much weight. I did ask the seller about this and they said they can include one if requested by the buyer. Take a look at the detailed photos of my new bag below and let me know what you think of my new bag in the comments below as I’d love to hear!

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