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A major function of education- of schools and other educational institutions- lies in the qualification of young children, young people and adults. Recognizing the vast economic and racial inequalities his students faced, he chose what some might take into consideration a radical strategy for his writing and social-research classes, weaving in ideas such as racism, classism, oppression, and prejudice. Zawsze powtarzam, jakbym nie przerobiła tego bólu nie poznałabym tego co piękne, nadzwyczajne… to jest wielka magia, dusza wyzwala się ze swojego kokonu i zakwita w wyjątkowy kwiat. It requires some stretching and studying to recognize, in practice and not only in theory, that it is incredibly costly to get somebody to do what you want when their sole motivation is that you can make their life miserable if they don't. Instead of getting possessed by the false limitations of emotional slavery and governing overall health deceptions, you now have a black and white selection to invoke some practical magic by taking a massive bite of fruit from the tree of universal truth and unconditional enjoy. I am not confident why I keep attracting these folks in my life but I can say that I will start asking far more family history questions as I meet individuals and weeding them out based on that assessment of their childhood to see if they match the parameters of the suggestions expressed in this report. Her views are equivalent to these of Caleb Rosado in his paper The Undergirding Factor is Power ” who then says, Within this understanding of racism, to be a racist you have to possess two points: 1) socioeconomic energy to force other people to do what you wish even if they don't want to, and two) the justification of this energy abuse by an ideology of biological supremacy.” He then excludes individual acts of aggression to force white persons to do as an person black desires from the ambit of racism saying the superiority should be a socially structured energy arrangement” not an person act of violence.

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