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Khofiz Shakhidi is an entrepreneur from Tajikistan who lives in Monaco. Shakhidi was born in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, on May 19th, 1977. His father is the famous composer Tolib Shakhidi and he is the middle child of two brothers. Khofiz Shakhidi has a degree in Economics from the University of Essex. Shakhidi held various business positions in the finance and investment industries and today he is the chairman of GTL Terminals Ltd and a director in Jefferson Capital. Khofiz Shakhidi is the Chairman of GTL Terminals Ltd, a company which owns, operates, and leases hydrocarbon refined product storage and transshipment terminals in Kaliningrad and Denmark. The company’s main activities are commodity logistics, direct lending for commodity logistics, trading and commodity trading and finance of warehouse receipts. GTL Terminals Ltd is part of Global Transport and Logistics PTE. Ltd., a Singapore company centered in Dubai. GTL provides transport services by rail, sea freight and road auto transport in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company (previously Pan European Terminals PLC) was acquired in 2014 by Belphar Ltd, a company that Shakhidi established specifically for this purchase deal. Pan European Terminals PLC stopped the trading of its shares on the London Stock Exchange as the company became private due to the purchase.