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Matka Guessing is a lottery guessing platform where people can register and discuss as to the possibility of the next lottery result. Satta Matka has multiple lottery brands registered out of which kalyan, tara mumbai, rajdhani, milan, Main Mumbai and time bazar are a few of the famous ones. Our website MatkaGuessing has a guessing forum catered to the needs of users willing to predict the next possible lottery result. We provide lottery charts which include kalyan chart, main mumbai chart, rajdhani chart, milan chart, tara chart and time chart which contain all the satta matka results ever released by these markets. This will help the users and the players to identify a pattern in these charts and come up with the next possible lottery result for a specific satta matka market. These predicted results by the users are called fix matka. The users willing to share can post them in the matka guessing forum which would help other users to win the lottery. The most important factor in the lottery system of satta matka is the probability in which the result can be predicted is too low and hence the users need to take all the help that they can get to purchase their satta matka ticket. The satta matka games origin dates back to the mid 19th century in india, Maharashtra. This specific game has gained has lot of importance including all the lottery brands which got enlisted in the game. Kalyan market which was owned by kalyangi bhagat gained prominance as this was the first satta matka market to function during that time and is still continuing to do so. Each satta matka result has its own timing to release its result. During the Open Result of any satta market declaration there is a three digit and a single digit declared. The three digit result is called a patti or a panna and the single digit is called single. Similarly, During the Close declaration of the result there is a three digit and a single digit released.