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Maud Sarah Connor is actually a 30-twelve months-aged metropolis counsellor who enjoys travelling, jigsaw puzzles and vandalising bus stops. She's loveable and vivid, but will also be very monotonous as well as a minor little bit egocentric. She's a British Buddhist who defines herself as asexual. She concluded College after which remaining academia. She delivers a Severe phobia of bananas Bodily, Maud is in excellent ailment. She is short with olive skin, black hair and black eyes. Unusually, she includes a prosthetic leg; she dropped hers during a battle aquiring a coach. She has an unusually prolonged nose. She grew up within an upper class neighbourhood. She was elevated in a cheerful family members residence with two loving moms and fathers. Maud's ally is commonly a metropolis counsellor termed Tierney Martin. They're inseparable. She also hangs near to with Lane Newton and Zadie Jeffery. They delight in cookery alongside one another.

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