Bev Grayce

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

My parents live in the suburbs. It's a quiet and peaceful place. I visit them every weekend so that I can spend some quiet time writing my book. I managed to get my first novel published, and although it is not a super hit, I am very excited about the prospect of being a successful writer. That also motivated me to write the second novel. I decided to make it a sequel to the first. As soon as Friday came, I packed my bags and kept them in the car so that I could leave for my parent's house right after work. I got off early from work and started driving down to see them. It was late in the afternoon, and there seemed to be an unusually large amount of traffic on the roads. The drive to my parents' house was about two hours from my workplace, and I was irritated with the number of vehicles on the way as it would take much longer for me to get there. I wanted to get to their house before dark as I had been having problems with my vision lately. As I was nearing my parent's house, there was a traffic jam ahead. So I decided to stop at the side of the road and phone my parents and tell them about the delay as they would be worried. I parked my car at the corner of the street and reached for my phone. Suddenly the sunlight seemed to hit my eye from a nearby rooftop. At closer glance, I noticed that it was the solar panels that were reflecting sunlight. I wondered why my parents had not installed solar panels. It was a good thing to have. When I got home, I asked my parents if they had considered installing solar panels. They said they wanted to know how much it would cost. So I called the company the following day and asked them for an estimate. They said they would have a look at the house before giving a quote as the cost was depending on several factors. My parents were happy with the quote they received and are now enjoying the use of solar panels.