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Angaben zum Lebenslauf Newest Casual Games for Android - The Hidden Gems

Excellent to pass the time as we go to work or wait, these are handy apk to have on our phones. This list of the best casual games for Android will leave you satisfied. 
What do you do during your commute to work? Or maybe when having lunch alone? To have a good casual game downloaded on your Android smartphone is always an excellent choice.
The list we assembled of casual games that will make your free time worthwhile is packed with good designs, fast play and lots of addictive fun. Alto's Adventures part 2: Alto's Odyssey, Fast like a Fox's origami world, Blek's stroke of genius, the Monument Valley homage Maestria and finally, the highly underestimated Piano Tiles, are amongst the top android games to download. Check our official site at:
Read along and choose one or all to have in your phone as the endless possibility of a good time.
Alto’s Odyssey


The second release of Alto's Adventure, this game apk for Android has captivated the hearts of many casual gamers. It's a very relaxing, yet challenging game.
You follow a Peruvian boy named Alto in his travels, skiing in the mountains. He is set to bring back his herd of Llamas. You control him as he does different stunts that will give you a range of scoring. The primary objective is not to fall or crash and get the longest distance run.
While there are similar games in the Android gaming world, Alto stands out for its simple, yet soothing design, which puts it on the list for a very much desired casual game to download to your phone.
The apk for Alto's Odyssey game's best place to download is Google Store, as it can be downloaded and played for free.
Fast like a Fox


It seems very common at first, but it is a very different game to those you can find on any friend’s phone. With the original design, everything in this casual speedrun Android game is made out in the Origami Style.
The fox runs through a variety of worlds, whilst collecting jewelry, gold, and many other valuable items that were once stolen by villains. The landscapes are not only visually pleasing, but they are also very different one from the other.
Snowy mountains peaks, cities and plains are but some of the arenas of this somewhat relaxing game for Android.
The music in this game is so soothing that people often look to download the game in combination with the soundtrack. Packed with many different levels, and exciting tricks, ‘Fast like a fox’ is a game that will

shoo away your boredom for good.
To download games for free, just head to Google Play Store and enjoy the great experience of playing this beautiful and relaxing casual game.
Blek is not a new Android game to download. But, as old as it is, it doesn't lose its charm. While looking like a piece of modern art, the game challenges you and your brain in such a subliminal way that it's nothing but relaxing.
In Blek you must connect dots, or go in between them, to form shapes. If done correctly you will pass the level. The most important trait in this game is your own imagination, as the answer to level up is not defined by just a few, but a wide range of moves.
It is amongst the top apk games to download as it has actually won a Google Award for Best Casual Game. It’s a total classic, even to this day.
It is a shame this wonderful Android  game is not multiplayer, as it would be terrific to be able to share the Blek’s experience.
Unique, interactive, creative, just extraordinary, it’s a hidden gem amongst the apk games. Play it and be sure that your brain is being exercised without you even becoming aware of the fact.  And you can always get. Apk download at our store!


Maestria although could fit perfectly into the puzzle game category, it is a game that comes across as casual. If Monument Valley is amongst your favorites, this is an apk game you must download now. 
Beautiful setting, design, and music are but a bit of what is enjoyable about this game. Complicated, yet not stressful puzzles, made it into the perfect pastime for those with a little time in their hands for the pleasure of the mind.
In Maestria, help Fugue restore harmony throughout this magical looking world. To win, just complete the puzzles and once all tasks have been overcome, ring a bell. It is not considered to be a challenging game. However, with 160 levels, it is a challenge to walk to the end.
This Android game, although it can be played offline, it has some content that must be downloaded while having internet access. But, still playable under all odds
It is a free Android game, easily downloadable on Google’s Android games store.
Piano Tiles


The objective of the game is straightforward, and it sounds easy on paper. You must touch the black tiles while avoiding any other part of the screen. However, there is a cadence to the fall of the tiles and rhythm, which follows a song, as every tile will make a piano key sound.
There are many compositions on the music bank of this game for android, from Bach to Beethoven, going through Debussy, and some universal classics.
Challenging, addictive, hard, but above all, very entertaining. You will be on each level until you run out of hearts. But, fear not, they replenish themselves rather quickly. For an Android game that will wow you and keep you stuck to your phone, Piano Tiles is for sure the absolute winner.
Go to the game store and get it for free, a decision not to regret.
Finally, we can assure you that every single one of these games is unique and very enjoyable on their own. 
Choose the speed run type with Alto's Odyssey and Fast Like a Fox, that combines not only the incredibly beautiful design but a fun in-game experience. Or maybe you rather a bit of a puzzle style, let Blek or Maestria advocate your taste. If not, Piano Tiles will surely do the trick with its addictive game setting and the many levels to overcome.
Download the apk of any of these games at Google play apk downloader.