Lehto Barnes

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

TOKYO—The promoting of pop stars (male and feminine) is a large enterprise in Japan, building billions of yen in profits for that management. It’s in some cases a filthy enterprise at the same time, with the youthful idols getting used and abused right up until their “expiration date” has handed or they “graduate.” Every now and then one thing delivers to light the dark aspect of the marketplace; tongues are clicked, bows are made, and issues go back to getting the way they ended up. But when an assault over a member of the favored idol team, NGT48, came to mild this calendar year, along with the target then apologized “for creating a commotion,” a storm of outrage blew up—and new revelations surfaced like bombshells washing in Using the tide. Therefore, the controversy could finally hit professionals in an area which makes them reconsider how they carry out small business: inside the pocketbook.