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BLOCK CHAIN COMPANY IN SAUDI ARABIA In recent times, discussions around digital currencies such as bitcoin have become crowded among the public because they are considered to be a profitable investment tool in the future. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is an implementation of the cryptocurrency system where it can be used to transact in cyberspace and is limited in number. Blockchain is different from bitcoin. Blockchain is a technology used to record bitcoin transactions. Unlike bitcoin, blockchain is a technology used to record every transaction made with bitcoin or ordinary transactions. Like on cell phones, bitcoin is an application and blockchain is the system. Blockchain Technologies is working to solve business problems and create innovation through blockchains. From research to strategy planning, demonstration experiments, and commissioned development, we, the best Blockchain company in Saudi Arabia will make use of the rich experience and knowledge of the blockchain. For how to work, the blockchain is a system for recording central transactions that are not regulated by banks or third parties, but by all users. In other words, the blockchain is a digital cash book that is shared by all customers. Benefits of blockchain Through blockchain, transactions will run faster and cheaper. There is no need for the presence of third parties in the transaction process to make remittances much faster. In addition, blockchain technology does not require you to pay various administrative fees that are usually charged if you transfer to a different bank. But keep in mind, because using a global database, transactions entered in the blockchain can be seen by all users. But there is no need to worry, the transaction data in it will not be able to be changed and remain safe because it has been chained with a security code. No need to fear losing data, with the blockchain all transaction proofs will be recorded clearly. TenD Information System & Technology ERP implementations will allow you to improve your performance according to the needs, size and pace of growth of your company. In this way, you will be better able to offer the best possible service to your own customers. Throughout the process of implementing your ERP solution, we will be at your side to provide you with the proper support. From the analysis of your needs to post-implementation support, of course by deployment, our ERP experts are there for you!