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Creating Safe, Non-Toxic Products, for True Beauty Warriors! AHOSI Beauty, a US & Global company, owned and operated by a Husband & Wife team, is hoping to make global waves with their line of non-toxic, safe, Hair & Beauty Products including the new patent-pending WIG-SANI for wigs & hair Extensions, and the very creative MaskHairRa - which is not for lashes, but, for adding color to hair or covering gray hair. The MaskHairRa comes in blonde, Red, Black & Brown. Along with these products, the brand has non-toxic lipsticks, & hair oils. AHOSI BEAUTY PRODUCT LINES  WIG-SANI • WIG-SANI helps to sanitize, clean, refresh Wigs & Hair extensions (human & synthetic) • WIG-SANI helps to refresh Wigs & Hair extensions (human & synthetic) • WIG-SANI helps to relieve discomfort of wearing wigs for up to 24 hours • WIG-SANI helps to relieve scalp itch • WIG-SANI is safe to use on scalp, skin and all types of hair • WIG-SANI will not cause damage to a user’s natural hair • WIG-SANI can be used to detangle wigs & hair extensions • WIG-SANI is a leave-in product hence no need to rinse WIG-SANI kills germs which may be lurking inside the hair extensions/wigs Steaming wigs and hair extensions is time-consuming, and, can also age or damage wigs and hair extensions. WIG-SANI is a better replacement. • WIG-SANI was created with natural ingredients The Hair Extension & Wig industry is a multi-billion-pound industry, the time is ripe for WIG-SANI to be part of this industry. WIG-SANI is already a hit in the market!  AHOSI Hair Conditioning Oil –a combination of great, healthy oils and deionized water. LEAVE-IN & no rinse. Great for those of us who don’t have time to sit for 15-25 minutes for hair to be conditioned. Great for all types of hair. Chemical free  AHOSI Scalp Stimulating Oil – A combination of healthy oils and deionized water, to encourage hair growth. All-natural ingredients, chemical free. LEAVE-IN PRODUCT.  MaskHairRa a portable, leave-in temporary HAIR DYE. This is Hair dye on the go for adding color to style hair, or to cover gray hair. Comes in Black, Blonde, Red, Brown. A non-toxic Hair Dye.  AHOSI LIQUID LIPSTICK – Forget about all those high-priced lipsticks, this is top of the line non-toxic, waterproof, smudge-free liquid lipsticks. Bright and cheery, and lasts all day.