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Sandie Barry Bishop is commonly a 24-yr-aged well being and Conditioning Heart assistant who enjoys observing television, tenting and Intense ironing. He is loveable and loveable, but could also be rather disloyal in addition to a tiny bit boring. He's Thai. He incorporates a degree in sports activities science. He's obsessive about looking at. Bodily, Sandie is a little overweight but commonly in great form. He is incredibly transient with darkish chocolate pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. He grew up within a Running class neighbourhood. He was elevated in a contented family and friends house with two loving moms and fathers. He is now inside a relationship with Lizzie Cleo Roberts. Lizzie is similar age as him and performs to be a plumber. Sandie's ally is normally a health and fitness club assistant generally known as Harris Curry. They have got obtained a very firey friendship. He also hangs near with Glen Mackenzie and Earl Freeman. They delight in social card game titles collectively.

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