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All our products generally are plug and play, USB capture and PCIe Capture cards are auto detected by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. To Capture multiple sources simply connect the your video source whether it is HDMI, SDi, Aio,DVi or SD then connect to your computer if using our magewell capture card range or if using the USB capture then source into the magewell USB capture device then in turn into your computer via USB Chose your resolutions up to 4096x2160 with 4K video streaming at 30fps. 4K streaming anywhere at anytime. Utilise our magewell capture utility with capture format setting, set the capture resolution and frame rate along with color space that the USB capture device is able to support. Should the capture format be any difference with the input format, the FPGA in the capture device will automatically do up and downscaling, causing 0 CPU usage. Here you have less CPU burden. If internet is available the Capture Utility automatically checks the firmware version of the capture device and the lasts version on the server. The Utility will remind the user of the update. The Capture Utility provides such functions as cropping, deinterlacing, device name and setting, aspect ratio conversions, timing adjustments etc. To support a specific input format users can edit and load the EDID of the capture devices, this is not supported by default. For example USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus will be able to input at 2560x1440p144 with this function. The capture Utility for our range of Capture Cards and USB Capture Devices support mirror and flip. With this function you can reverse the captured image horizontally or vertically, for example when end users use the Facetime, they can easily mirror the image with this capture utility. Other supported controls are Audio Volume Control for both recording and playback of the USB capture devices. Export diagnose reports . Status Image Setting. Device Name Setting.