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Web Design The web design professional has a critical role in building digital platforms. It is his or her responsibility for the interaction of the reader with the content and the success of the communication established therein. With the rise of the free platforms, it is up to the entrepreneur to know when hiring a specialist is necessary. Know the main attributions of this professional and find out what he can add to the company. Professional web design is responsible for the quality of the website The web design professional must manipulate all the digital resources at hand, ensuring that the user experience is the best possible. the web designer is responsible for creating a channel that facilitates communication between the client and his audience. Thus, this professional is responsible for the presentation and layout of the content online. In addition, he is responsible for creating and maintaining the virtual appearance of the company. Platforms with its own templates are alternative Today it is no longer necessary to know programming languages to build a basic website for a small business owner. With the popularization of free platforms like WordPress and Wix, it is possible to achieve the goal with minimal notions of web design. However, this facility does not guarantee the success of the site. There are still many resources to be explored. And, moreover, cognitive techniques that surpass the knowledge of the common user. No need to program is an excellent advantage offered by these tools. However, the site also has a cognitive part (colors, fonts, user experience, site reading) that the regular user is unaware of. Thus, the great benefit of hiring a web designer is in the quality of the results. That is, the differential is basically in the quality, precision and functionality offered by experienced professionals. And this has a cost and a proportional return for the company. Search for differential motivates hiring a designer In addition, one criterion for choosing a web designer may be the desire to seek a competitive advantage over the competition. "The image of your company is at stake. And I do not think a free tool can offer the care it should have. Hiring a specialized service can make a difference. Especially among beginners. "Small business owners are a niche that we often encourage. That's because the online appearance of the brand can impact more early in the company. That is, the decision will depend on the communication strategy of your company Why is it necessary for a web designer if people can create the site themselves? The Role of the Web Designer in a Scenario with So Many Do-It-Yourself Tools Why is it necessary for a web site designer if people can create the site themselves? When we look at results from websites created by professionals and others by amateurs, we come to the conclusion that an amateur site is not approved for a serious business. There is a giant difference between them, like: 1. People who do not work with web design do not understand about subjects such as user experience, so the website is made without principles of results or any concept and data. 2. Normally, people do not know how to create the necessary arts to compose the website, which denigrates the image of the company and this for a simple reason: they are not web designers. Usually amateur people create websites based on their own taste without following some basic principles that directly affect the final product. 4. People always have an idea that they do not know how to produce, so lastly, you need a web designer to explain the possibilities and realize in code and web concepts what she wants. Down bellow there is a list of the best web design companies. Take a look! Best web designers in Chicago • Straight North • Orbit Media Studios • Gulo • Angle180 • Idea Marketing Group, Inc. • EPageCity Best web design companies in Philadelphia • Push10 • The 215 Guys • Pixel Engine • Philadelphia Web Design • Biondo Creative • Mighty Engine Top 10 web design companies in Portland • Convertiy • Murmur Creative • Subtext. • Nelson Cash. • Eclipse + DDG • SingleMind. Top web designers in San Diego • MaxAudience • Bop Design • Tiny Frog Technologies • Webbege, Inc • Mentus • Visceral