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Angaben zum Lebenslauf You will take part in a fantasy Zombie Society as a zombie detective, Mr.Margh. This is your great chance to ride on continuous adventures through the Zombie Society series of games. Real-life society just isn’t as fun as this Zombie world!. Let’s have an exciting time as a dead detective with these free online games no downloads at Mantigames


As any other societies, there are a lot of issues in the Zombie Society.

 In another world, there is a fantasy place where all the Zombies have created their own society. Like many other societies, there are a lot of issues in the Zombie Society. Some of them are crimes and some are mysterious cases. You, as Mr.Margh, are a skillful and talented detective who is in charge of solving those problems for all the Zombies.Your mission is to go around the society and investigate various crimes. To complete your tasks, you need to question people and gather all evidence. Then you have to use your excellent logical thinking skills to link all the findings together and find out who is the real culprit. You will experience an enjoyable time with this point-and-click detective game. Give this a try and have fun. 


Can Walls bleed? Yes, anything is possible in this Zombie Society. Mr.Margh will join in a new mysterious episode and continues to improve his detective skills through a weird case. You are now Mr.Margh and have your own detective agency in Zombie society. Your assistant is Ghvnn and he will be your partner through your investigative journey.This time, a gun shop was in trouble. A phantom was messing with the shop by writing a bloody note on the shop walls. The shop owner is so scared and needs your help to solve this problem.Your missions this time are to gather as much evidence as you can. You and your assistant need to go around the city and get information from the citizens. You also need to find and collect various useful objects on your way. Let’s start your search and solve this mysterious case. Will you succeed and clear this case? Have fun and find out the truth. 


Now it’s time to show off your detective skill.

 In this episode, you will meet a century-old thief named Nine Deaths cat. It’s a renowned burglar who has been stealing for centuries and has never been caught. Mr.Kashl is an art collector. From his shop, an important artwork was stolen by the Nine Deaths cat. After stealing in Mr. Kashl’s shop, this self-confident burglar left a note. Now it’s time to show off your detective skills. You, as Mr. Detective Margh, will take off on a new journey to bring back the stolen art for the helpless, Mr.Kashl.You will start your journey by using all the clues and detail in the forewarning that the thief left. You need to find out what his next plan is and stop him from stealing more. In order to find this Nine Deaths cat, you have to travel around the Zombie city, meet up with people and gather all the clues. It will be a long journey and you also need other people to help you complete tasks. You will have your own assistant and he will give you hints to progress your investigation. Can you figure out the Nine Deaths cat’s next move and stop him? Let’s start your journey in this epic Dead Detective versus Nine Deaths Cat episode.

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You experience an entertaining and enjoyable storyline this time. This is the next turn of the previous Nine Deaths Cat. The century-burglar escaped from jail and started her stealing journey again. However, finding her is not that hard this time, actually, but catching her is the whole matter. The commissioner has searched for her everywhere, but she’s just disappeared.You will give the commissioner a hand by starting looking for this best thief in Zombies Society. In this episode, the Nine Death Cat has reached the end of the line by choosing the wrong victim. It’s the mayor of the city. The Nine Death Cat snuck inside the City Hall and stole all the money. This is your chance to show off your detective skills in front of the mayor.You and Ghvnn will once again start your investigation. You need to connect with everybody in the city and gather all the information. These clues will help you find out where she is hiding and the truth behind this case. You experience an entertaining and enjoyable storyline this time. Just make sure that you collect all the necessary evidence so that you can finish the task and find out the truth. Have a great investing time and improve your logical thinking with the Zombie Society series. 


Mr. Margh and his assistant will take a new trip to a brain farm. 

 In the Brain Drain episode, Mr.Margh once again has been given the task to solve a complicated riddle. Just wake up and receive the news from the commissioner. Who would steal a brain that cannot be eaten? Mr. Margh and his assistant will take a new trip to a brain farm. It’s the very first time they have been in a brain farm and meet all the zombie farmers. Your mission is to find out what happened last night on the farm and find the missing brain.All you need to do is meet up with all the zombies around the big farm to collect information. It’s a complicated situation. Therefore, you will need a lot of help from your assistants. There are a lot of challenging tasks for you to investigate. Asking around the farm, gather all clues and evidence will be the best options to find out the truth. Roam around the farm in the Zombies city and start discovering the truth. These are definitely free online games good for you to play with your friends on this Halloween.