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3 Positive Commercial Real Estate Trends To Look Out For As we barrel towards the new quarter, certain trends and patterns are becoming more apparent in the commercial real estate industry. We reached out to speak with the commercial real estate industry’s top performers to take stock on where real estate is headed. Ranging from a rise in industrial facilities to a pull back in retail, here are some prevailing commercial real estate trends. 1 – Interest Rate Impact on Commercial Buying and Selling The economy is robust thanks to a relatively low unemployment rate, low inflation and high job growth. The Federal Reserve is now finally looking to cease its increment in interest rates, allowing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, and real estate in general, some breathing space. According to commercial broker Asad Kausar, based in Chicago, Illinois, “Interest rates are the barometer of commercial real estate activity. With the Fed’s decision to halt any increases in interest rates, we will be seeing more confidence in transactions performed as borrowing is less expensive.” 2 – Adoption of PropTech To Accelerate Growth Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in real estate, from listing to closing. Companies are continuing to see the value PropTech offers and are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly to leverage technology for stronger growth. Firms such as Reonomy are providing this value in the form of comprehensive property information on a simple and intuitive platform. Just recently, the company raised $30 million in funding. According to CEO Richard Sarkis, “The reason we were excited to partner with these guys and take on the capital now is we have a very clear product market fit.” 3 – Multi-Family and Industrial Assets Are On The Rise Large groups such as KPMG and Blackstone are purchasing a multitude of multi-family and industrial assets across the country. According to Asad Kausar, “As etailers such as Amazon and retailers such as Walmart continue to expand their network and cut delivery times, industrial assets such as warehouses are a prized possession. No longer do we need thousands of square feet in a mall setting to have consumers stroll through. Today’s consumer is about shopping online and 2-day delivery. That’s why warehouses play an integral role in the supply chain. In addition, multifamily is more popular now thank to the millennial lifestyle. Millennials want to live in or near cities, and prefer to rent. Multifamily is a fantastic investment at this point.”