Esperanza Roxann

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Today, thanks to the development of laser surveying, many companies that offer aerial mapping use a range of aerial surveying services, especially when laser scanning is their core practice. It is also important to note that aerial surveys involve the production of three-dimensional maps through exact measurements of elevation and area, in contrast to aerial photography, which usually does not include the exact same level of detail or information, although three-dimensional models can be created utilizing aerial photos. While LiDAR and associated methods represent the cutting edge of aerial surveying, the idea of aerial mapping and surveying dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when hot air balloons enabled property surveyors to take the first aerial pictures. The reason why aerial mapping is a much better choice when taking aerial images is its top quality output and the safety it supplies to the individual taking the shot. Depending on the field you wish to pay attention to, the task of aerial mapping can be classified into three parts: the pilot who takes a helicopter up in the air, a photographer who likes to take aerial photos that will be used for maps, or a cartographer who wish to decode some aerial photos into maps.

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