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Andrew is frequently a loveable prior trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening ~ A Biography ~ Andrew Rick Bond is usually a 88-twelve months-aged former trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening, strain-free of charge and taking part in movie online video game titles. He is loveable and considerate, but might be exceptionally selfish furthermore a little bit boring. He is without a doubt an English Jedi who defines himself as gay. He did not end College. Physically, Andrew is marginally overweight but or else in Great type. He is extremely tall with dark chocolate skin, grey hair and environmentally friendly eyes. He consists of a mole on the suggestion of his nose. He grew up in an higher course neighbourhood. His mother and father separated when he was modest, but remained pals and presented a contented, safe property. He's presently in just a romance with Andre Ada Myers. Andre is the same age as him and is helpful like a chef. Andrew has 4 minor types with late boyfriend Robson: Elmer aged forty nine, Bentley aged fifty seven, Katrina aged sixty 3 and Nathan aged sixty five.

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