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Shave ice is a Hawaii staple - it's something that you need to try when you visit Hawaii, especially Maui. The hard part is that there a ton of shave ice stands that pretend to embody the traditional Hawaiian way of making shave ice. Here are few tips to find the best shave ice on Maui: -Pure water - you need incredibly pure, fresh water in order to create the perfect base that intensifies all the flavors in shave ice. You can tell the quality of a shave ice cone by looking at the color of the ice. If it's anything other than crystal white, it's not pure -Sugar quality - you need organic sugar for the syrups in order to bring justice to the flavors. A lot of Hawaiian shave ice stands don't make their own syrup and use industrialized buckets of syrup. Look for a place that uses organic sugar-based syrups. A quick trick to figure this out is if the syrup is light, then it's of high quality Peace Love Shave Ice is a Hawaiian Maui staple that uses purified water ice blocks and organic sugar for sweetening the syrups. We're incredibly passionate about serving Maui and Kihei with the best tasting shave ice on the island! Come visit our little kiosk and be prepared for the best shave ice you've ever had!

peace love shave ice