Synthia Siegal

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Turkey Exports its Real Estates by Bundling with Citizenship, the Price is 250.000-USD The term export technically means “sending goods to another country” and of course applicable only for movables. However, the new law recently published in Turkey aim to sell the real-estates to outside of the country. As required by every campaign it has a valuable add-on as well, which is citizenship. The construction and real-estate sector considered as the leading sector in Turkey. The sector has very important role on the economic growth of the country. On the other hand, numerous economists believe that the reason behind the recent financial weakening caused by the single-acting investment on construction. This group says, Turkey lost its productive characteristics as a result of the domination of construction and real-estate sector. While these discussions still continue, by publishing a law the government recently has made a move which motivates the stagnant sector. The name of the law is, Amending the Regulation on the Implementation of Turkish Citizenship Law dated 19 September 2018 Along with the other options, the financial conditions to obtain Turkish Citizenship by buying property has been decreased. It was before 1.000.000-USD, now it is 250.000-USD. The details and the answers of the FAQ on Turkish Citizenship by Property can be found here. The real-estate and constructions companies expects demands from especially Gulf Region. Even though western people may not find it attractive, the Muslim community believes that Turkey is one of the best places to live. There are numerous reasons for this motivation; (i) Turkey has a more freedom compared to other alternatives (ii) it is close to Europe (iii) considered as a bridge for export trading (iv) lots of attractions for social activities (v) high quality education and insurance system and above all the new citizen may protect the Muslim characteristic of his family. In a summary, the new law considered as kill three birds with one stone (i) have a citizenship with benefits (ii) own a valuable property (iii) have a guaranteed rent income. The time will show whether the action of the government attracts demands.

turkish citizenship by property