Atchley Atilano

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Utopia Ibiza Boat is a boat charter company that can do private sailing for big groups between 11 and 80 all in one boat. Leaving from San Antonio, ibiza, port with a fleet of 3 different boats to suit your needs. We can do a 3-hour daytime (2-5pm) and mostly the sunset one (6-9pm). For longer trips please contact us. Once the boat leaves San Antonio harbour, we head out to some picturesque beaches, such as Cala Salada, Cala Bassa or Port Des Torrent depending on the weather. After some breathtaking swim-stops, we will head out to Cafe del mar , to watch the famously beautiful Ibiza Sunset. The boat is equipped with a great soundsystem where you can put your own music, there will be loads of drinks on board, like sangria, cava and beer , also dont forget to bring your own extra drinks and food on board! We offer the best value private boat for big groups in Ibiza hands down as we are boat owners and not just promoters. 40€ All other charter companies can only offer up to 12 people or less on the same boat they will offer you expensive tandem boats,, no matter how big the yacht, where is the fun in going in 2 groups?. We in the other hand are a commercial charter company with a capacity of up to 100 people, perfect for big groups such as stag do and hendo parties, birthdays, weddings.. A chance to delve into a side of Ibiza you may not have seen before, the West Coast Explorer is all about laid-back luau vibes, sunny Balearic beats and a chance to spend a spellbinding afternoon in the sunshine, in the company of your nearest and dearest. It’s days like these that create memories to last a lifetime