Babette Brooke

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Kung fu sisters Jaime Cowley and Saray Diez learn wing chun in China kunyu academy for long time. An example of Wing chun Kung Fu Hard Work. We still have a lot to work on together but I'm very happy to have them back. I hope they can help to inspire other ladies who want to learn martial arts and are ready to put the real effort into it. Thank you again wing chun master and my school: they never stop working on improving, their work help to create meaningful changes to the life of respectful hardworking people, no matter what is their background. People who have experience in different styles of martial arts, including other wing chun styles, as long as you are able to "empty your cup" you can learn a lot. People with no experience but who want to discover you will learn a lot. Actually if you treat martial arts like a treasure and not a product, respect Chinese culture, discipline and people in general, you will learn a lot.

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts academy China