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Robert is usually a creative teen who enjoys badminton ~ A Biography ~ Robert Graham Doop is a eighteen-year-previous teen who enjoys badminton, Extraordinary ironing and ferret racing. He is Artistic and secure, but can even be incredibly disloyal in addition to a bit egocentric. He's a Colombian Muslim who defines himself as straight. He is now in school. Bodily, Robert is not really in excellent condition. He has to get rid of quite a lot of weight. He is quite tall with walnut pores and skin, black hair and black eyes. He has buck enamel. He grew up in a very Center class neighbourhood. His mother and father divided when he was smaller, but remained buddies and offered a contented, steady residence. Robert goes to Middle Park Faculty, where by his favourite topics are residence economics, chemistry and food items science. He loves his teacher Mr Coleman but hates Mr Wang whose pursuits involve wanting like a tomato. He is at the moment within a partnership with Amber Abbi Inexperienced. Amber is similar age as him and will work like a scholar. Robert's ally is a teenager referred to as Erin Johnston. They may be inseparable. He also hangs all around with Betsy Jones and Chanel Driscoll. They enjoy portray alongside one another.

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