Earwood Babette

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Our factory is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter of alloy pipe fittings, We have factory in China and branch factory in USA . Our teams has extensive experience in the manufacture of alloy fittings and we can quickly help our customers solve any problems on alloy fittings. Our factory is a leader manufacturer of alloy fittings, we have many years of experience in sustainable development, producing the highest quality alloy fittings and adopting the most environmentally friendly methods. We believer that we can becoming your best cooperative partner As technology continues to improves, we continue to improve and develop all of our processes, enabling us to remain at the first of the steel industry in environmental management and advanced manufacturing. Our factory focuses on the production and research and development of alloy pipe fittings for 20 years. We stock all kinds of alloy raw materials around the world . We aim to solve any problems in raw materials and manufacturing. Our products mainly include steel pipe fittings, elbows, reducer, tees, crosses with the different grade materials. High-medium and low-pressure pipe fittings for pressure pipes, flanges, sockets, heads, sockets, etc., and hyperbolic coal hoppers, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant pipe fittings, we can produce bends of different materials with DN≤1500mm and S≤50mm Pipe, other types of pipe fittings performance indicators: DN ≤ 2400mm, S ≤ 110mm, PN ≤ 28.22Mpa, T ≤ 546 ° C, our product materials are divided into: carbon steel series, alloy steel series, stainless steel series, pipeline steel series, for petroleum, chemical , natural gas, electric power, shipbuilding, fertilizer, paper and other industries produce various types of high, medium, low pressure and different materials of pipe fittings We are committed to meeting our customers' expectations by providing perfect products in timely . We look forward to building the cooperation with you to help you solve any problems with alloy fittings! Your success is our mission!