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Andrew is really a loveable former trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening ~ A Biography ~ Andrew Rick Bond can be a 88-calendar year-previous previous trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening, enjoyable and taking part in video games. He is loveable and considerate, but will also be quite egocentric along with a little bit uninteresting. He is undoubtedly an English Jedi who defines himself as gay. He did not end school. Physically, Andrew is somewhat overweight but otherwise in great form. He is very tall with dark chocolate skin, gray hair and green eyes. He includes a mole on the tip of his nose. He grew up in an upper course neighbourhood. His mom and dad divided when he was tiny, but remained friends and provided a cheerful, stable residence. He is presently inside a connection with Andre Ada Myers. Andre is similar age as him and operates as being a chef. Andrew has four children with late boyfriend Robson: Elmer aged 49, Bentley aged 57, Katrina aged sixty three and Nathan aged 65.

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