Arrieta Maclean

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

We are slowly moving from the print media to the non-print media. That is the internet. It may not be easy to wipe out print media completely as we still need it, but then the internet has become another primary source of information overtaking many other sources of news. The primary reason for this is the current accessibility of the internet and the convenience of accessing it. As I was looking for some juicy gossip and some of the latest trends in the world, I came across DailyJag which is a site that compiles all your favorite topics and organizes them as per the categories. If you need to read everything interesting, this is the right spot for you. Some of the categories that they deal in are Travel, literature, politics, technology, life & style and science among others. From their Lifestyle category, we have a few articles that you will want to go through. For instance, there is an article on “5 earrings every girl must have”. The article is very interesting and lists images of each earring that a girl must have to always be fashionable and trendy. There is more content from the technology section such as ‘Can a computer be made to "explode"'?, ‘Meet the robots that will enslave humanity,' ‘Hackers find another WhatsApp Vulnerability’ and ‘Scientist demonstrates Cockroaches that would follow Your Orders.' You may read everything interesting about the culture from the DailyJag. There are some in-depth stories about Best Seat on a bus, top shows from 90s, the world’s most impactful assassinations, the Vedas, the power of Om, Chandni Chowk, the eight immortals as per the Hindu traditions and The Door to Hell. You can read this and many more articles from the DailyJag by visiting their site and bookmarking their page as well as turning on their notifications to get the latest from them.

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