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Introduction to Flex-rigid PCB Usually Printed Circuit Boards can be divided into two categories: flex PCB and rigid PCB. Due to the improvement of material technology and the demand for intelligent and micro-miniature products. A new type of circuit board was born: Flex-rigid PCB. The Flex-rigid PCB is combined with the rigid substrate in different areas of the flex(PI) substrate (the conductive patterns need to be connected to each other in the flex and rigid joint area), and then de-capped by deep slab, laser cutting, etc. The rigid substrate on the board is removed, and exposed the flex areas. The production process is shown below: The Flex-rigid PCB is bendable and more welding area. It can meet the bending and assembly in a small area, effectively reducing the volume and weight of electronic products. Exactly, Flex-rigid PCB has other advantages, such as: 1.Provided physical support for soldered components; 2.Provided better electrical performance than a flex welded wire solution; 3.Better quality of reliability, etc. There are many applications in Flex-rigid PCB, such as: aviation, aerospace, mobile phones, cameras, medical equipment, digital cameras, tablets, wearable devices, Bluetooth headsets, robots, etc., and we believe that in the future, Flex-rigid PCB have more and more widely used in the market. However, there are always two sides in everything. From the current stage, there are still some shortcomings in the combination of Flex-rigid PCB. For PCB manufacturers, the production process of Flex-rigid PCB is numerous, the production is difficult, the yield is low, and the materials and manpower are more. For the purchaser, the lead time of the Flex-rigid PCB is too long, and the cost is relatively high, which will hinder the purchase demand of the most end consumers. Therefore, for the PCB manufacturer, how to reduce the cost of Flex-rigid PCB is the most urgent problem to be solved. Of course, simplifying the production process and shortening the delivery cycle are also very important. Only by solving these problems, the Flex-rigid PCB will usher in a new development period.

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