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Zach is actually a murderous tradesperson, traumatised by his mom leaving when he was three. ~ A Biography ~ Zach Forest Snozcumber is usually a forty seven-year-aged tradesperson with an regrettable habit of bumping off the individuals all-around him. He's energetic and enjoyable, but may also be incredibly violent as well as a bit greedy. His initially sufferer was his late boyfriend, Fraser Piper Bryant, who he killed since he imagined he was flirting with other people. He has given that killed two more people: his Good friend Rita, and his Mate Jaydan. He is undoubtedly an Australian Sikh who defines himself as pansexual. He completed faculty then left academia. He includes a intense phobia of fingers Physically, Zach is in very good condition. He is incredibly brief with dim chocolate skin, black hair and black eyes. He has Scratch to the cheek from tustle with Jaydan Gregory Snozcumber just right before killing him.. He grew up in an upper course neighbourhood. Having never ever truly acknowledged his mother and father, he was raised within a series of foster households. He is now within a romantic relationship with Carmen Marshall Patterson. Carmen is eighteen decades more mature than him and operates like a screenplay author. Zach has two children with late boyfriend Fraser: Jon aged 16 and Wilfred aged 21. Zach's ally can be a tradesperson named Nathaniel Mendoza. They are really inseparable. They delight in drone photography alongside one another. Zach misses his Pal, Darcy Driscoll, who died in 1998. The reason for Demise was incident - drop from height.

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