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Water Tankless Systems & Softeners American Home Construction Authority offers a wide variety of solutions such as air conditioners, ductless systems, furnaces, heat pumps, tankless water systems, windows, doors and more. Our tankless water systems are very high quality products which helps homeowners reduce energy costs and increase property value. These systems free up space in your home and prevent scale and build up on a 24-hour basis. This new evolution of water systems has a long-life expectancy and superiority during water crisis. It prevents wear and tear on the pipes and guarantees an efficiently running system all year round. With the time and investment spent on your home, moving onto tankless systems will keep away the burden of needing to worry about efficiency and performance of a water tank. It is important to keep homes running smoothly and a tankless water system will ensure that this is possible. If your tanks are not working as well as they should, or if they are getting old and noisy, the best way to avoid the trouble of having non-functional tanks is by upgrading or changing to a new more modern style of tankless systems. Not only do these tankless systems improve your home, it helps improve your lifestyle as well. Also water softeners are very popular in homes in California. The built-in filtration technology in these systems reduces chemicals in the water and keeps the lifespan of utilities at home in top quality. The clean water coming from these systems offer a better solution for helping keep dishes and cutlery looking new in the kitchen without the need to use up a lot of water or chemicals. And in the bathroom, the clean water keeps skin, hair and nails soft without using as much water. Throughout the house, these systems will save hundreds of dollars each year in maintenance fees and energy bills. Air Conditioner American Home Construction Authority offers a wide variety of solutions such as air conditioners, dutctless systems, furnaces, heat pumps, tankless water systems, windows, doors and more. With summer just around the corner, now it the time to replace any old air conditioning system with new modernized cooling systems. It is time for an upgrade when air conditioners are getting old, under perform and become more work to maintain than before. With high performance, one can expect their upgraded cooling systems to be a more reliable system circulating healthier and cleaner air. The cooling systems offered by AHCA do not require intense maintenance, yet one can expect top quality performance and quiet running systems. It requires little to no time to upgrade, but lasts much long in performance and maintenance compared to other companies. These cooling systems have updated warranties with no tune ups necessary, just install and go on with your daily lives in a comfortable home without any worries. The air conditioners are effective, quick to install and upgrade, and quiet, allowing the perfect home to go on with their daily tasks without needing to worry about maintenance and space. When relying on AHCA, one can expect the top industry brands installed by experts with years of experience. We have a customer support team ready to answer any questions asked about any service. The technology incorporated into these air conditioners increase property value as well as reducing electricity bills leading to more energy savings. There are many flexible financing options as well as expert advise. We offer maintenance and servicing options as well as high quality products and installation. With American Home Construction Authority, we can offer these modernized solutions at competitive pricing and financing offerings.