Gregoria Sandridge

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

Kahna Shringar We all are fond of good food and good clothes. While many of us who are into Seva of Krishna offer home cooked good quality food to Him, we may still be neglecting the aspect of good clothing for Him. A natural test for this could be to ask your self - will you be comfortable to wear the same quality of clothes that you make your Him wear? However, this thought may have just remained a thought in many of our minds, mostly because its hard to find a decent clothing brand for our deity. There are enough good quality clothes, and enough variety of clothes for humans to wear, however, that has not been the case for our deity. This is what inspired me to work on branded and high quality clothing for our Krishna. Kahna Shringar is an attempt in this regard. The dresses or poshak in Kahna Shringar are made with utmost care, the fabric and colours are hand picked meticulously and the dresses are tailor made according to different sizes and various forms of Krishna deity, Laddu Gopal deity and Srinath ji.