Roxann Nicholls

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

In todays society everyone is becoming a marketer through social media. Wether your scrolling through facebook or instagram people show their view of the world. How do people stand out from the endless crowd that publishes daily? We believe it is done through media that inspires and captivates you. Even if it is just a sandwich from a local café. Everything should be presented beautifully. As you only have a few seconds today to steal someones precious time. You want to be the one that makes people stop and enjoy your media. Through video this is done by shooting from special angles, slow-motion etc. In photography it might be huge contrasts between subjects and background. The story could be of a mechanic that is misplaced in a beauty saloon. This will make people question your work. Why did they do that? What is it they want to say? Maybe you could make parts of the subject out of focus or frame. This means you must see the rest of the content to understand its context. To captivate someone through words is a lot more difficult now. We read with our senses and images are easier to interpret. Fancy words and slang could be the difference between boring and blooming business. In this new era it's not about what you do but how you present and do it. And the easiest way to get a story to the audience fast is by photos or videos.