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Practical PAPERS OF THE University OF PUNJAB (PU)

Practical PAPERS OF THE University OF PUNJAB (PU)

Winter Sunrise Glow at Lofoten Islands in NorwayMarke not less than THREE experiments. Q. 3. Calculate the given Voltmeter utilizing Potentiometer. Q. 5. Determine the radius of Lycopodium. Q. 6. Note Book. Q. 7. Viva Voce. Mark at the least TWO experiments. Perform only one allotted to you by the examiners. Write down the process including necessary steps and formulae. Drawa circuit diagram and show it to the examiners. Get your observations checked by the examiners. Find the percentage error in your consequence. Q. 1 Study the variation of photoelectric current with the depth of gentle. Q. 2 Setup of an RLC collection circuit. Draw its frequency reponse curve and discover the values of resonance frequency, bandwidth and quanity factor. Q. Three Determine the range of Alpha particles in air. Q. 4 Determine the Planck's constant 'h' through the use of spectrometer. Q. 5 Setup a half wave and full wave rectifier and display the wave shape on C.R.O. Also find the ripple factor. Q. 6 Practical Note Book and Viva Voce.

Mark at the least THREE experiments. The examiner will allot you one experiment to perform out of your marked experiments. 1. Determine the surface tension of water by capillary tube method. 2. Determine the worth of "J" utilizing Electrical Mehtod with compensation for heat loss. 3. Determine the Velocity of sound by Kundt's tube. 5. Measure the resistance of a given materials and capacitance of a given capacitor using a neon flash bulb. Mark not less than THREE experiments. The examiner will allot you one experiment to carry out out of your marked experiments. 1. Determine elastic constants of the fabric of a given spiral spring. 4. Draw I-H curve for a material by mangnetometer. 5. Compare the capacities of given capacitors by Ballistic Galvanometer. Q. 1 Determine the worth of 'g' acceleration as a result of gravity utilizing compound pendulum. Q. 2 Determine the frequency of A.C. Q. Three Determine the wavelength of sodium D-lines by Neton's rings. Q. 4 Determine the unknown low resistance by carey foster bridge. Q. 5 Measure the horizontal element 'H' of earth's magnetic area by earth inductor. Q. 6 Note Book. Q. 7 Viva Voce. Mark no less than TWO experiments. Perform just one alloted to you by the examiners. 1. Determine the 'e/m' of electron by deflection method. 3. Setup a transistor amlifier and measure its voltage achieve. 4. Determine the vary of Alpha Particles in air. 5. Determine the ionization potential of mercury. 6. Practical Note Book and Viva Voce.

In service instructor coaching in science shall be based on real life conditions, use of science kits and provision of science kits to all main and middle colleges. Teacher allocation plans, likewise, shall be based on schools needs and qualifications of teachers. Over the course of next two years, Governments shall develop a rationalised and need-based faculty allocation of teachers, which must be reviewed and modified annually. Maximum age restrict shall be waived off for recruitment of female teachers. Professional Councils like Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) shall be involved in consultations for related curriculum growth. Environmental education shall be made an integral part of schooling. This page lists the six Principles and their related parts. The educational setting is supportive and productive. The training setting promotes independence, interdependence and self motivation. Students' needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the educational program. Students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking and software.

Assessment practices are an integral part of instructing and studying. Learning connects strongly with communities and practice past the classroom. Educational setting in the school. Q.2 Differentiate between syllabus and curriculum. Q.Four What are the meanings of better efficiency of a teacher. What must be carried out by the Headmaster to raise instructor efficiency. Q.5 Is examination system at secondary school stage is defective. Explain these defects. Give ideas to improve the system of assessing the students? Q.6 Describe profitable instructing. What needs to be done by a instructor, headmaster, and instructional administration for effective teaching in the class room. Explain each perspective. Q.7 Differentiate between educational supervision and instructional administration. What is the role of every in raising training requirements? 1. As a instructor, what's going to you do if students do not attend your class? Blame students for their absence from the category. Ponder over the current attitude of students in a calm method. Consider using some fascinating techniques of instructing. Try to understand the explanations and try to remove them.

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