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Dan is a professional sports activities individual with a significant addiction to chocolate ~ A Quick Charater Profile ~ Dan Chad Pigeon is actually a 28-calendar year-old Qualified sports person who enjoys enjoying card online games, praying and vandalising bus stops. He's gentle and caring, but can even be incredibly sadistic as well as a bit impatient. He's hooked on chocolate, a little something which his Pal Lenny Ophelia Sanchez pointed out when he was fifteen. The trouble intensified in 2010. He is definitely an American Christian who defines himself as straight. He begun learning sporting activities science at higher education but never concluded the system. He includes a extreme phobia of chickens, and it is obsessive about Star Wars and studying. Physically, Dan is not really in great form. He really should drop Rather a lot of excess weight. He is tall with dim chocolate pores and skin, brown hair and black eyes. He has an x-wing concerning his shoulder blades. He grew up in a very middle course neighbourhood. Getting never ever definitely identified his mother and father, he was raised in a number of foster households. He's at the moment in a romantic relationship with Lilly Louie Driscoll. Lilly is 8 years more mature than him and operates as a management consultant. Dan's ally is a specialist sports particular person termed Lenny Sanchez. They are really inseparable. He also hangs around with Vernon Ortiz and Danielle Thompson. They delight in football with each other. J

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