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Doris Wenna Gray is a 73-year-outdated former senior politician who enjoys badminton, seeing sport and jigsaw puzzles. She is sensible and steady, but can be incredibly evil in addition to a little bit rude. She is an American Jedi who defines herself as straight. She has a article-graduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She contains a intense phobia of sheep Bodily, Doris is in very good form. She's common-top with mild skin, gray hair and inexperienced eyes. She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Her moms and dads divided when she was little, but remained good friends and provided a contented, secure household. She is at the moment solitary. Her newest romance was by having an artist known as Fraser Kay Inexperienced, who was the same age as her. They broke up since Fraser was bored. Doris's best friend can be a previous senior politician known as Shelby Quinn. They may have a really firey friendship. They delight in competitive Canine grooming with each other.