Arlene Wentzell

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What is the One America Asset Care? One America Asset Care is a unique and special product that solves many of the short comings of conventional long-term care such as Non-Guaranteed Premiums. Over the past 30 years more and more companies have shifted away from conventional long-term care insurance and have moved towards Asset based long term care. These assets based long term care policies are at the forefront against the rising costs of Long Term Care. How Does One America Asset Care work? You have multiple funding options we can use Single payments, annual installments, or even Qualified Money. This money goes to fund a a death benefit, which is your long term care fund. This Fund can be draw on at any time if you or your spouse were to enter a long-term care facility. All of the following are covered Hospice, Home Care, Nursing Home. If these assets are never needed, the money can be surrendered, and you get a full return some. Or if you pass away the original long-term care pool will pass income tax free to your beneficiary’s.