Stanton Cline

Angaben zum Lebenslauf

I want to renovate my 3 bedroom apartment in the upcoming summer. It’s been a while that the cluttered cable wires have been creating havoc in my precious apartment space. I have had enough of it. One time, I even tripped with my coffee mug in hand while walking through the mess of tangled wires in the bedroom. I spilled the coffee all over my carpet floor. Now, the carpet needs a makeover in the summer. I am also thinking of upgrading to a new smart TV. That reminds me, I would need my ‘Wi-Fi’ router close to the TV. Though, in this super advanced touch screen powered 21st century, a Smart TV is still not smart enough to eliminate power cables/wires. If I want to watch the ‘Cable TV Channels’ on it, I am ought to use the set top box (requiring wired connection). If I want to use the Internet TV (Netflix etc.), I would still need a wired ‘Wi-Fi Router’, a wired ‘Keyboard & Mouse’. It is funny how so called modern electronic devices still can’t provide ‘All-In-One’ solution. Why do I have to buy all these items separately, then worry about their compatibility and end up with cluttered wiring? I am smart enough to eliminate wired ‘Keyboard, Mouse etc.’ with ‘Bluetooth-enabled’ accessories wherever possible. Also, the inbuilt speakers in most of the ‘Smart TVs’ are no good to me. I am going to use my ‘High Voltage Dolby Digital Wireless Speaker’ in sync with the ‘Smart TV’ compatible with a ‘High Resolution Wireless Webcam’. I found all these awesome wireless electronic devices on ‘’. Now I don’t have to worry about finding the latest gadgets in town. With summer renovation in sight, I am reviewing the number of the required electrical connections in my apartment and have settled down to the lowest number ever.