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Dan Barry Rockatansky is a 28-year-old Experienced sporting activities individual who enjoys attending gallaries, travelling and social media. He's loveable and considerate, but may also be incredibly sadistic in addition to a bit lazy. He is a Colombian Buddhist. He concluded faculty and after that remaining academia. He's allergic to wasps. He is obsessed with organic and natural greens. Bodily, Dan is in very good shape. He's normal-height with olive pores and skin, gray hair and black eyes. He grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was elevated by his father He's currently inside of a partnership with Flynn Aisling Torres. Flynn is similar age as him and is effective as a plumber. Dan has a single child with girlfriend Flynn: Howard aged three. Dan's best friend is an experienced sporting activities human being named Daria Blaese. They get on very well usually. He also hangs all around with Anne Brooks and Ira Hernandez. They appreciate stealing candy from toddlers together.