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3 Awesome Reasons to Consider Using a Mobile Veterinarian These days, it’s all about convenience! Here’s why you should consider calling a mobile veterinarian. 1. Mobile Veterinary Care Provides Pets with a Less Frightening Vet Experience Think of your worst fear. Now imagine how hard it would be for you to face that fear. That would be pretty scary right? For many pets, that fear is going to the vet hospital. Upon entering the veterinary clinic they smell things and hear noises that aren’t familiar to them. In the waiting area cats are often surrounded by barking dogs, and little dogs are being sniffed and tormented by big dogs. Some pets are even afraid of riding in the car, which leads to excess stress before they even arrive to the vet hospital! This experience creates heightened anxiety and can sometimes lead to aggressive behavior. All of these things happen before they even see the actual veterinarian! Having worked in a veterinary hospital for many years, I know how this scenario can sometimes lead to a very stressful and non-enjoyable experience for the pets and owners. Therefore, instead of putting your pets through this, you have the option of having a veterinarian come into your home. Your pet will meet the vet in a familiar, comfortable, and stress-free environment. In most cases, the treatment of your pet will take place inside the home as well. 2. Mobile Veterinary Care is More Convenient for You Using a mobile veterinarian means: • No getting your pet into the car • No driving to the veterinary clinic • No more having to wait in the lobby and exam room (sometimes for hours) only to see your vet for a short period of time A house call experience typically goes like this: 1. You schedule your appointment for a time that is convenient for you. 2. The veterinarian and veterinary assistant show up to your house at the schedule time. 3. Your pet is examined and taken care of in its own comfortable environment. It’s that simple! A huge bonus is that you and your pet receive more time with the vet, and by the end of the appointment, the veterinarian has had the chance to address all of your questions and concerns for your pet. Afterwards you can continue on with the rest of your day. Sounds so nice, right? 3. Mobile Veterinarians Often Offer Unique Services From acupuncture to palliative care and in-home euthanasia, mobile vets commonly (but not always) provided these services. Palliative care, which is used when your pet is approaching his or her last days of life, is often a great solution to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free for as long as possible. Mobile veterinarians also perform in-home euthanasia for when it’s time to say “good-bye” to your furry little family member. With in-home euthanasia, your pet is able to live his or her last moments peacefully in their favorite place at home surrounded by loving family. Another awesome service is acupuncture therapy, which can be used to treat a wide array of ailments including but not limited to, musculoskeletal disease, endocrine diseases, kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseases, skin allergies, and cancer. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with herbal medicine. So the next time you need to take your pet to the vet, consider reaching out to a mobile veterinarian to care for your pet - it’s simply an awesome option some veterinarians offer to make sure you have options that will work best for you and your pet! Contact Total Quality Mobile Veterinary Care today at 910-635-3307, or go to our website

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